New Year’s Resolve

Today marks the start of the new Chinese lunar year: the year of the rooster.

I don’t believe in making New Year promises, and I’m not Chinese. But today I figured out how to combat the Forex Economist’s problem I spoke of just two days ago.

First, I figured I wanted the website to have at least 100 solid pages of evergreen content. Each of those having at least 1,000 words and being optimized for you guys, as well as the search engines.

So far, I have 7 such pages, which brings the countdown to 93. January is as good as gone, so I have 11 months for the task.

I get about a 100 days in the summer. If I crack down, I can create a new page every second day. Thus, I can make (I’m being optimistic here) 50 pages of solid content during this time.

This leaves us with 43 pages which must be done while I’m taking grad courses.

I made the calculations and it turns out, I will have to produce a page of content every 5th day, without fail, to achieve 40 pages in 200 days. With a leftover of 31 days more or less for the remaining 3 pages.

 Seems doable right?

Well, remember that this is in addition to my daily emails and creating articles for both the site and submission to third party websites (aside from school and everything else).

Committing to Something Great

So how does a man commit to doing this? I bought a calendar. I have it in my room and I marked the next due date.

There is something magical about having a deadline. I am essentially forcing myself to prioritize the project more than my current responsibilities. Good.

I want to be of overwhelming value to its visitors.

And the only way to so is to pour everything I have into it.

Screw grad school (I’m not dropping out), screw my friends (they are cool, no ill-wishes here), and screw everything and anything in the way.

This year of the rooster is shaping up to be one I will look back to and say:

 “I am the man”

or the year I get my butt kicked...

And you are among the first to witness this. Hold me accountable and remember, I’m preparing the Forex Fundamentals Newsletter.

Be on the lookout.

If you haven’t already, sign up to my daily email list through the homepage or the subscription rectangle in each page.

You won’t regret it. Oh, and only email subscribers have access to my best fx analysis. You know, current market analysis and forecasts, not just evergreen content.

See you soon,

Emil Christopher

The Forex Economist

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