Make Money from Your Loses

You must think I’m going crazy.

I mean, how on earth are you supposed to make money from your forex loses?

Well, believe it or not, there is a way.

It’s not some fancy trading strategy or anything like that.

You see… back in 2013 I decided to really challenge myself.

As a total introvert, learning to do Stand Up comedy and actually perform in front of a huge crowd seemed like quite the inconvenience (to say the least!)

Well, what can I say? I went for it.

I signed up for a comedy workshop imparted by a local Stand Up comedian (a rising star by the way).

Within a few weeks of learning and practicing it was time to do the deal.

One of the worst things that can happen to a comedian is failing to make the crowd laugh. It is terrible, believe me.

So to guard myself from this potentially devastating outcome, I invited a ton of people to the event (I’m an ass, I still charged them).

It was a small venue in the colonial zone, but it got packed. There were between 80 and a 100 people, half of which knew me relatively well.

I was well received, maybe not because of my performance, but despite it (this was my first time, after all).

So why am I telling you this?

Did I really go crazy?


I learned something very important as I was preparing my act.

For a comedian, everything is money.

Can you smile to the bank?

In fact, I would define a comedian as an individual who can make money out of everything.


Have you ever wondered where people get their jokes and Stand Up routines from?

Yes, it’s from personal experiences and things you hear, but a more sinister fact lurks beneath:

Most comedy is made up of BAD things happening to people.

Now, this may not come as a surprise to you, but stay with me.

I was instructed to think of any bad outcome I or someone I knew had experienced.

Because I could easily turn that into a joke.

And if you’re really good at it, you’ve essentially gained the ability to turn any bad experience into hard cash.

Your neighbor’s dog died? Ey, you can at least make money off of it.

You got a speeding ticket? No problem, that’s a good joke starter.

You got diarrhea from eating a street hot dog? Man that’s always good material.

Ok, I get the point, but how does this relate to my forex trading?

The moral of my story is, you can learn from absolutely anything, no matter how bad. And use this newly acquired knowledge to profit.

So that’s it? Learn from your mistakes? What a waste!

No. That’s not it.

If you think this piece of advice is just general garbage, you’re wrong.

And I’ll prove it to you tomorrow.

If you’re among the smart, and you recognize that learning is vital to success, don’t forget our Forex Fundamentals Newsletter which is coming soon.

Stay alert, stay profitable,

See you soon,

Emil Christopher,

The Forex Economist

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